UX Consultant

Johannesburg, South Africa

ThoughtWorks is not your average company, so don’t expect to find average people working here. 

ThoughtWorks are a global consultancy that build custom applications for a diverse range of clients from media through banking to NGOs. 

We've traditionally been known for our expertise in software development, and we are now building our capability in customer-centred design.
About you
You have a passion for putting people - customer, employees - at the heart of everything you do. You are a big picture thinker with the desire and hunger to execute on the detail of your ideas. You are just as comfortable taking a group through a journey of discovery (you may be able to tell stories about getting a bunch of disengaged executives to play with modeling clay and act as clowns) as you are with sitting down with developers to work on complex interaction design (for you wireframes are just part of the journey, it's the finished product that is really important). 
You can tell us war stories of guerilla usability testing, of how you have observed people using systems in context. You could have battle scars of working with complex back-end and legacy constraints. You have a portfolio you are proud of; mobile would be good, but especially rich transactional websites, with examples you can point to that lifted conversion rates and delivered value to the business and delight to the customer. 

You have a hunger for getting things done, take the initiative and can lead, excite and inspire client and developer teams. Ambiguity doesn't scare you. Software development is our pedigree and you will be comfortable in taking our developers on a new journey. At the same time you are pragmatic and are willing to do 'just enough', adapting your UCD tool kit to the project needs. You are excited to being part of diverse, high energy teams focused on full life-cycle development. This isn't a position where you'll build some wireframes and throw them over the fence to be built. You will be part of the process, building what you design. 
You want to work for a company that is committed to building a world class customer experience consulting and delivery capability. A company where you can help shape what we do. Where you'll be free to express your ideas and opinions. Where you'll be positively encouraged to talk about your experiences at conferences and industry events. You want to work with bright people in a company that has a strong culture. You want to work for ThoughtWorks.

UX skills
  • Various techniques for conducting ethnographic/field research
  • The ability to conduct user profiling and user needs analysis
  • Extensive experience in Information Architecture & Interaction Design
  • Proven experience in ideation and concept generation
  • Proven experience in rapid, iterative low and high fidelity prototyping
  • Experience in formal and informal user testing
  • Understanding that usability is only part of the equation
  • Constantly practices design thinking
  • Does not think that Jakob Nielsen is god
  • Maintains expertise in the digital industry trends.

Consulting skills
  • Is always motivated to find the best outcome whatever the constraints.
  • Facilitator - able to confidently facilitate diverse teams to a conclusion.
  • Thinks PowerPoint should be banned.
  • An enthusiastic evangelist whose passion is contagious.
  • Is as comfortable talking to a janitor as talking to a CEO.
  • Is open, willing to share and debate and not precious or defensive.
  • Is clearly articulate in all matters of customer experience and can also hold their own in a business discussion.
  • Is capable of developing strategy but not afraid of executing tactics.
  • Does not think that the development team is a dangerous monster that should be kept locked in a dark basement.
  • Proven ability to work effectively on a cross-functional project team.
Bonus skills

  • Can either execute or at least critique visual design
  • Has experience with UX in an agile development environment
  • Has on occasion worked behind the scenes and can craft a web page or visual components there of using CSS, HMTL and javascript
  • Active participant in the UX community.

  • A BA/ BA Hons/BS degree in human computer interaction, information science/design, psychology or a design related field
  • Extensive experience in information architecture, interaction design and usability.

We're seeking individuals with a creative approach to problem-solving, a track record of technical innovation balanced with skillful execution,  and a vision for how software can empower people and drive change. If you relish the idea of being part of a community that extends beyond the work we do for our customers, you may find ThoughtWorks is the right place for you.

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